Nonna’s 100th birthday | Part 2

We had another big birthday party yesterday at one of the church facilities, where all the 65+ active people gather. Something like 100+ friends came out to celebrate Nonna – even the Mayor! :) LOL :) The whole family has been working for days to prepare all the wondrous sweets and appetizers.

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Mulino Bianco Cookies @ HEB PLUS

HEB seems to be introducing Mulino Bianco cookies! I know – shocking. I used to order them online and I only saw them once in San Diego Little Italy. They come in miniature packages (150gr/5oz) at this time. Mulino Bianco (literally “White Mill”) by Barilla made history and grew to be the number one brand of specialty cookies, biscuits, cookies pastry, mini cakes and cakes. I … Continue reading Mulino Bianco Cookies @ HEB PLUS

Al contadin non far sapere…

Fruit and cheese are a divinely inspired combination, and by far the best fruit to eat with cheese are pears.  In fact, the combination is so good that an old saying in Italian goes: “Al contadin non far sapere quant’e buono il formaggio con le pere” – that  means, “Don’t let the farmer know how good cheese is with pears!” – the idea being that, if the farmer … Continue reading Al contadin non far sapere…

Thank You Del Verde!

We wanted burrata and prosciutto crudo tonight, so I flew out to Central Market.  I walked in the pasta aisle just to see whether they had something new. Thunderstruck. Amazed. Whoa! Del Verde has a whole bunch of new packages there! Thank You for making my pasta dreams come true with ondine, fusilli, penne lisce, penne rigate, rotini, garganelli, caserecce, spaghetti, bucatini, fettuccine, linguine, tagliatelle, tortiglioni, pappardelle, and … Continue reading Thank You Del Verde!

Cooking bases: The Glorious Italian Ragù

Ragù or Ragù alla Bolognese is a hearty, delicious, glorious meat-based sauce. Originated in Emilia Romagna, the paradise of fresh pasta, this sauce is served best with eggy pappardelle or pillowy potato gnocchi. Great to have a container in the freezer to whip up a batch of Lasagna or Messy Baked Pasta for hungry friends coming over. Every step of the preparation of Ragù is designed … Continue reading Cooking bases: The Glorious Italian Ragù

Salamini, Salamelle & Salsiccia

“Sausage” is not a clear nor sufficient translation for Salamino or Salsiccia. The salamino cacciatore (p. caccha-toreh, meaning hunter) is a dry, yet soft and savory, link made from the best pork (the same used for Prosciutto D.O.P. di Parma and San Daniele). It’s called “Cacciatore” as it was the traditional portable snack for a long day’s hunt. I love it for aperitivo paired with olives, bread or gnocco fritto and a good … Continue reading Salamini, Salamelle & Salsiccia