Baked Mediterranean Orata

Widely used for its delicate flavor and exquisite meat, Orata is considered the best-tasting of all the breams. Known as Orata, Orada, Goldbrasse, Dourata and Dorada for the gold bar marking between its eyes, the Gilt-head Sea Bream is a fish of the bream family Sparidae found in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coastal regions of the North Atlantic Ocean. GROCERY SHOPPING (2 people) For Orata alla Mediterranea 2 Fillets of Orata … Continue reading Baked Mediterranean Orata

Pasta ca’ a muddica e i sardi am’mare

I grew up eating this Sicilian classic. “Muddica” is breadcrumbs toasted in a pan with extra-virgin olive oil. Muddica is also used in Pasta col Tonno (Pasta with Tuna). Pasta ca’ a muddica e i sardi am’mare (p. Pasta cah muh-ddee-cah eh e sah-r-dee am-mar-eh) means literally “Pasta with muddica and sardines – in the sea” as sardines are not in the dish. There are only … Continue reading Pasta ca’ a muddica e i sardi am’mare