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Power Greens Gnocchi with Butter & Sage

Ever tried to add some color to your pasta and gnocchi? It gives your meal that kick you sometimes need to make things more interesting in the kitchen. I bought a family box of power greens (kale, spinach, red and green chard), made a wonderful salad and kneaded gnocchi with the leftovers. They’re a very tasty primo piatto indeed and a fun alternative to the … Continue reading Power Greens Gnocchi with Butter & Sage

Vegan Gnocchi with Beets, Herbs and Pine Nuts

Wanna go vegan? Did you know that potato Gnocchi can be made without eggs? Why say no to the perfect little plump pillows… Enjoy them with beets and a mix of herbs and pine nuts. You’ll love the texture and the flavor. GROCERY SHOPPING (4 people) For the Gnocchi 5 medium russet potatoes – roughly the same size (if you use gold potatoes: you will need more flour, roughly 2/3 … Continue reading Vegan Gnocchi with Beets, Herbs and Pine Nuts

COOKING BASES: How to make PERFECT gnocchi

Gnocchi are perfect little ridged plump dumplings made with potatoes, flour (and eggs). And virtually anything you would like to add – be it beets for purplish/pinkish gnocchi, vitelottes for purple gnocchi, squid ink for black gnocchi, yams, pumpkin or saffron for a dark yellow/orangey tone and spinach and greens for green gnocchi. Very simple to prepare but, still, gnocchi have their downfalls, like water, the ratio potatoes/flour, kneading and the … Continue reading COOKING BASES: How to make PERFECT gnocchi

Thursday Gnocchi – alla Romana!

 If it’s Thursday, it must be gnocchi! In some restaurants throughout Italy, Thursday specials are traditionally still reserved for gnocchi, especially in Rome, following the saying “Thursday gnocchi, Friday fish (or “beans and salt cod”), Saturday tripe“. “Ridi, ridi, che mamma ha fatt’ i gnocchi” (‘Laugh, laugh, mommy made gnocchi) is another saying that stresses the importance of Thursday as an almost festive day, with an elaborate … Continue reading Thursday Gnocchi – alla Romana!