I <3 Fall. And Polenta & Rabbit!

I just love fall. It’s my favorite season. Time of even deeper thoughts, of handwritten pages, time to gather, time to reflect on the past and see what worked and what didn’t, time to celebrate the people I love and love itself.  I did not realize it was fall until today. This warm Houstonian weather, made of heavy rains and sunny days, disrupted my biorhythm LOL! It’s … Continue reading I <3 Fall. And Polenta & Rabbit!

Polenta & Bruscitti

Polenta e Bruscitti is the traditional dish of my hometown, Busto Arsizio. The “bruscitti” are little squares of beef, which are pan-seared with butter and lardo, flavored with garlic, wild fennel seeds, a medium-bodied red wine (Barbera, Nebbiolo or Barolo) and slowly cooked over low heat. Lardo is an Italian cold cut made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices. The most famous lardo is from the … Continue reading Polenta & Bruscitti