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COOKING BASES: How to make fresh pasta from scratch :)

This was the big thing for me. Being able to make fresh pasta, especially stuffed pasta was the big deal. I kept my pasta machine stored for a while, and then one day I decided to try. It’s surprisingly easy! If you have the machine and its adorable add-ons, any long shape such as tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, and lasagne is just a piece of cake. Otherwise, … Continue reading COOKING BASES: How to make fresh pasta from scratch :)

Mahi-mahi Sicilian Style

Beautiful and powerful, Mahi-Mahi is one of my favorite fish. Grilled, baked, steamed or simmered in white wine, it’s always delicious. Today I had a portion in the fridge and came up with this Sicilian-inspired sauce to dress my whole wheat linguine. Sicilian Fishermen would actually use only the parts of the fish located near the head and the tail, but it’s much more likely for … Continue reading Mahi-mahi Sicilian Style

The Republic of Pesto

A glorious creation of small fantastic region Liguria and its capital Genoa, Pesto is a celebrated treasure of the Mediterranean cuisine. Located in the hills of Appennini, Liguria owns an amazing landscape and a unique microclimate. Pesto features some of the best local ingredients –  Genovese basil, DOP Riviera Ligure EVOO and even Pine Nuts. Every family in Liguria proudly owns the TRUE recipe and claims it … Continue reading The Republic of Pesto