Salamini, Salamelle & Salsiccia

“Sausage” is not a clear nor sufficient translation for Salamino or Salsiccia. The salamino cacciatore (p. caccha-toreh, meaning hunter) is a dry, yet soft and savory, link made from the best pork (the same used for Prosciutto D.O.P. di Parma and San Daniele). It’s called “Cacciatore” as it was the traditional portable snack for a long day’s hunt. I love it for aperitivo paired with olives, bread or gnocco fritto and a good … Continue reading Salamini, Salamelle & Salsiccia

Burning Puppets, Risotto and Lügàniga

 At the beginning of 20th Century, my hometown, Busto Arsizio was very well-known for the production of traditional Lombardy cured meats (salamini and salsiccia, popular as “lüganiga”). There’s a local saying that sounds like “Busti, città d’i lüganeghitti”, which means “Busto, the city of the salsiccia”. Risotto turns out to be one of the best ingredients to be paired with salsiccia, and the people from Busto … Continue reading Burning Puppets, Risotto and Lügàniga

Paccheri alla Divina

If you want to blow your sweetie’s mind, well, this is the PERFECT pasta. All great recipes come by chance, and this is one of them. Paccheri (p. pac-cke-ree) is a large, hollow, tube-shaped type of pasta similar to rigatoni, only larger in diameter. They belong to the Neapolitan tradition, and the best paccheri are still those, which are bronze-extruded and air-dried in Gragnano, Campania. They are … Continue reading Paccheri alla Divina