Castagnole di Carnevale

To celebrate the Carnevale Ambrosiano, here’s the recipe for Castagnole, deep fried puffs that can be filled with custard, from Italy’s very own Cucchiaio D’Argento (The Silver Spoon), the one and only Italian cookbook :) These delicious puffs are also called Frittelle di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s frittelle) or also called Tortelli Alla Crema Pasticcera and are a traditional sweet on March 19. GROCERY SHOPPING … Continue reading Castagnole di Carnevale

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COOKING BASES: How to make fresh pasta from scratch :)

This was the big thing for me. Being able to make fresh pasta, especially stuffed pasta was the big deal. I kept my pasta machine stored for a while, and then one day I decided to try. It’s surprisingly easy! If you have the machine and its adorable add-ons, any long shape such as tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, and lasagne is just a piece of cake. Otherwise, … Continue reading COOKING BASES: How to make fresh pasta from scratch :)