Gotta Bake Fresh Bread

I baked fresh bread today – I kneaded the dough yesterday evening to let it fermentate for 24 hours.  I used the same recipe as pizza (btw, did you know that October is National Pizza Month? I guess the Italians needed something to compete with the orangey Halloween?), that is to say, basically, flour, milk (or water), brewer’s yeast, extra virgin olive oil and salt. And patience (a lot), ’cause after the whole kneading process, the dough needs to fermentate from 8 to 72 hours depending on the structure of the flour you’re using. Chemistry and Physics are ALL in the kitchen, and I was not that good at science :) I am still in the whole learning process of trial and error but this time I really got it right! Let’s say that if I can repeat the experiment at least another two more times, I will consider it science and share the recipe with y’all :)




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