Are you guys like, European or something?

I got this on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago – I am still laughing. It’s so true. Organic veggies ARE different. As you know already, I signed up with a local farmer to get a weekly bag full of surprises. It’s been two months now and I am really enjoying. It keeps me trained and open to discover the local and exploring … Continue reading Are you guys like, European or something?

Insalata & Ciappi

This savory, healthy simple salad was one of my dad’s favorites! What’s for lunch? Cilappa! LOL (Cilappa is a word that means “nothing” in some strange dialect from the North. Or maybe it was just a word he made up?!). Well, sometimes, Cilappa turned into a tasty Penne al Pomodoro, or Penne Tricolore, or Insalata e Ciappi. This recipe features a handful of arugula from … Continue reading Insalata & Ciappi