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Organic Is A Must

I got this on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago – I am still laughing. It’s so true. Organic veggies ARE different. As you know already, I signed up with a local farmer to get a weekly bag full of surprises. It’s been two months now and I am really enjoying. It keeps me trained and open to discover the local and exploring new flavors. In that bag I found the weirdest shapes of sweet potatoes, any size of pumpkin, green round squashes, long beans, potato greens, winged beans, jamaica flowers, grapes (muscadine), small sweet eggplants,  spicy arugula, aji dulce, shishito, misome, okra, meyer lemons and more.

The farmer had an open day at his ‘unconventional farm‘ last Saturday and a friend of mine went to check it out. She was SO happy to meet the baby water buffalo and this is was she writes:

“David lives on his land with his wife Lizi and 10-month old Edward. They live in a kind of tipi, where the toilet only has walls of mosquito screen so you can look at the water buffalo’s grazing. The kitchen is made in a trailer apart from the house, and the table in front of it so eating always happens outside. David is a plant and tree collector. He likes to understand what grows well over here and does it in a most natural way. No (organic) chemicals involved, he only uses high-quality compost. He explained that when plants have to fight off natural attackers, he does lose a part of it, but they become stronger naturally. And when eating those, you get all the good phytonutrients and antioxidants. I am convinced that we have access to the most nutrient-dense food out there.”

If you live in Houston, check them out. They are at the Eastside Farmers Market on Saturdays. If you don’t, look for the closest Farmers’ Market and get a weekly share.

It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

Utility Research Garden
FB: Utility Research Garden


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