Nonna’s 100th birthday | Part 2

We had another big birthday party yesterday at one of the church facilities, where all the 65+ active people gather. Something like 100+ friends came out to celebrate Nonna – even the Mayor! :) LOL :) The whole family has been working for days to prepare all the wondrous sweets and appetizers.

Cannoli, puffs, nutella rolls, different kinds of cakes, coconut bites, cookies, chocolate cookies, amaretti, desert roses, even salame & prosciutto grissini, and paninis with a little flag saying “Nonna Nella’s 100 years”.  We really enjoyed. And her doctor came out to congratulate her, and she said… mmm “Good afternoon doctor, but I really don’t need you…!”. We laughed so HARD.

What a celebration!

Here’s a clipping from the local newspaper. Thank You Marco Linari for such a good piece!




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