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Best Snapshots of April

It’s been a good month – and after some rainy and cool days, the patio season is finally here! Time for BBQs, pool parties, and the juicy fruit and veggies are finally coming! Here’s some snapshots of this past month – I’ve been busy and not really able to write much but I plan to catch up asap and share the secrets!

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Who says Spaghetti Meatballs are not truly Italian

Among the many Italian food recipes that are not from Italy at all, Spaghetti meatballs belongs to my childhood (YES, I know – shocking!). I have no clue where Alfredo got the Fettuccini from, or where Ceasar found his salad, and absolutely no idea of where all that garlic came from! I am growing convinced that when there was no Internet and people would travel … Continue reading Who says Spaghetti Meatballs are not truly Italian

Why Tossing Confetti in Italy Could Hurt


LOL – confetti belongs (with pepperoni, biscotti and many more) to the darn false friends category. Italians toss coriandoli and eat confetti. In Italian, confetti are sugar coated almonds traditionally offered as favors at weddings, religious celebrations as baptism, communion and confirmation, and even at graduations.  They used to have traditional colors (like white for weddings, pink or light blue for baptisms, red for graduations), be wrapped in a tulle bag and be offered along with a small silver object (bomboniere).  

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Milano Carnival FAT Week

Milano CarnevaleYes, that’s right! Carnival lasts a week in Milan – so while the rest of the world stops the celebration the day of Mardi Gras and enters Lent, we keep on celebrating for four more days.  You ask why. The tradition calls for Archbishop Ambrose to leave on a pilgrimage saying we would have been back to celebrate Carnival and begin Lent together. He had to stay four more days away and the people waited for his return. The whole Diocese still celebrates the Carnival beginning Mardi Gras all through FAT Thursday to culminate on FAT Saturday (today!). Continue reading “Milano Carnival FAT Week”