Awesome Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

Any combo of hardy root vegetables will work wonders. This is a spectacular and colorful side for Thanksgiving and the turkey but also a great complement to roasted red meat or even a vegetarian meal. We had some radishes sitting in the fridge from last Saturday’s Farmhouse Delivery and it was about time to put them to good work. Have I mentioned THE LOVE I have with my farmer? Fresh, seasonal produce, milk and meat straight from Texas ranchers, chefs and artisans and delivered to my door. They keep me trained to try new stuff – have you ever even tried the tanginess/spiciness of a watermelon radish?  [Note: **I’m not affiliated or get a commission (I really just love them)]


What Do You Need To Make Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables 

2 watermelon radishes* (or beets, or turnips)
1 daikon radish (or parsnip, or celery root)
3 carrots
1 yam
1 shallot
Extra virgin olive oil
2 rosemary sprigs, chopped
7 sage leaves, chopped
1 thyme sprig, chopped
Salt & Pepper


Preheat to 392°. Bring fill a 6 quarts pot with water and bring to boil. Meanwhile, wash the vegetables and scrub them thoroughly a firm scrub brush. When the water boils, throw the vegetables in and let them cook for 8 minutes.

On a cutting board, peel the vegetables and dice them in 1/2 inch pieces and slice off round coins from the carrot by cutting it crosswise. Place in an oven-to-table casserole, season well with salt and black pepper, drizzle generously with extra virgin olive oil and chopped herbs, and toss with your hands to coat evenly. Bake 40 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender. Serve right away.

*A ball-shaped spring radish, with crisp, bright purple and a mild-sweet peppery taste. Watermelon radish is crispy with mild and sweet flavor, excellent for salad, garnish and even cooking in Asian dishes. If you’re in Texas, Johnson’s Backyard and Farmhouse Delivery are truly great. 


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