Awesome Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

Any combo of hardy root vegetables will work wonders. This is a spectacular and colorful side for Thanksgiving and the turkey but also a great complement to roasted red meat or even a vegetarian meal. We had some radishes sitting in the fridge from last Saturday’s Farmhouse Delivery and it was about time to put them to good work. Have I mentioned THE LOVE I have with my … Continue reading Awesome Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

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Summer Quinoa Salad w/ sweet peppers, zucchini and almonds

Farmhouse Delivery (thank you!) has just delivered their first bin and we can get our new agricultural adventure started! The lettuce is wonderful, pears are oh-so-crunchy, the corn has the grill ready on the patio… and I’ll get one of the peppers and one zucchini to make a healthy, easy and QUICK quinoa salad. Ingredients / What you need 90 gr. / 3.5 oz of quinoa, rinsed … Continue reading Summer Quinoa Salad w/ sweet peppers, zucchini and almonds

Are you guys like, European or something?

I got this on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago – I am still laughing. It’s so true. Organic veggies ARE different. As you know already, I signed up with a local farmer to get a weekly bag full of surprises. It’s been two months now and I am really enjoying. It keeps me trained and open to discover the local and exploring … Continue reading Are you guys like, European or something?

Insalata & Ciappi

This savory, healthy simple salad was one of my dad’s favorites! What’s for lunch? Cilappa! LOL (Cilappa is a word that means “nothing” in some strange dialect from the North. Or maybe it was just a word he made up?!). Well, sometimes, Cilappa turned into a tasty Penne al Pomodoro, or Penne Tricolore, or Insalata e Ciappi. This recipe features a handful of arugula from … Continue reading Insalata & Ciappi