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Quiche with Chard, Bacon & Eggs

This is one of the easiest quiche ever. Perfect for a quick lunch, dinner, as a snack, brunch or a finger food aperitivo, this savory pie features chard, eggs and bacon and makes everyone happy. Grocery shopping 1 sheet of puff pastry* 1 egg 6 leaves of swiss chard 2 handfuls of Parmigiano Reggiano 2 slices Bacon or smoked pancetta salt & pepper 1 tbsp of olive … Continue reading Quiche with Chard, Bacon & Eggs

Insalata & Ciappi

This savory, healthy simple salad was one of my dad’s favorites! What’s for lunch? Cilappa! LOL (Cilappa is a word that means “nothing” in some strange dialect from the North. Or maybe it was just a word he made up?!). Well, sometimes, Cilappa turned into a tasty Penne al Pomodoro, or Penne Tricolore, or Insalata e Ciappi. This recipe features a handful of arugula from … Continue reading Insalata & Ciappi

Uova Tonnate (Quail Eggs with Tuna Cream)

Quail eggs are something new for me. I always looked at them and I wasn’t really sure what recipe would have worked. Last week it was very late when I got to the Farmers Market – after 11 everything is pretty much gone. Tejas Heritage Farm did not have any chicken eggs left and I thought that well that could have been the chance to try … Continue reading Uova Tonnate (Quail Eggs with Tuna Cream)

Largo alla Bruschetta!

Sooooo – first of all, Bruschetta is a perfect appetizer and an awesome complement to any BBQs. Dice fresh ripe tomatoes, add hand-torn basil, mint leaves, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.  It’s gonna blow your mind. Bruschetta is also good with grilled eggplant, grilled mushrooms, leftover ragù… virtually with anything! Second of all, Bruschetta is pronounced ‘bruh-skeh-tt-ah’! I know, shocking, LOL. And bruschetta turns out … Continue reading Largo alla Bruschetta!

Blossoming zucchini at the Farmers Market

One of the pleasures of summer for me is eating zucchini blossoms. Tossed in a pan with their young zucchini and saffron, they are the perfect dressing for a summery dish of tagliatelle.  Zucchini flowers make the perfect appetizer if stuffed Roman-style with mozzarella and anchovies and deep-fried. Or plain. Or stuffed with burrata!! Yummy! Well, today I got lucky and I had a chance … Continue reading Blossoming zucchini at the Farmers Market