Cheesy Polenta

PolentaTorteWithTomaA sort of a Polenta Concia Bergamo Style, this  Polenta Torte is a delight for any cheese lover. You can virtually use any cheese you like. Fontina or Toma are the classic options, but also Brie, Mild Provolone, Gruyere are good alternatives. One or two layers of hot polenta and that’s it! You get an interesting appetizer, an entrée or a main course according to the size of your mould and the pairings you pick. Polenta/cheese proportions depend on your taste, the size of the bakers and the cheeses you use (as they absorb and melt in different ways, making polenta firm, creamy or stringy). Polenta Night ahead!


(For two ramekins, diam. 3.5, height 2.5)
6.5 oz of Polenta Flour
3 oz of Toma or Fontina
2 tbsp of butter, melted


1) Pre-heat the oven to 392 degrees. Finely slice the cheeses. Gently melt the butter. Cook polenta according to package directions. Stir melted butter in and remove from heat.

2) Pour hot polenta in two ramekins, level it off and let it cool down. Remove from the moulds and place on a cutting board. With the blade parallel to the work surface, saw both cakes into the side of 1 cake layer, halfway down.

3) Line parchment paper on a baker, and start assembling your polenta torte. Place down the bottom layer of polenta, cover evenly with sliced cheese to make a proper cheese tier and stack the top polenta layer on top. Repeat with the other torte. Place both tortes in the baker and pass in the oven for 10-15 minutes till the cheese is melted.

4) Plate up and serve fire hot. I LOVE it with Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon and I am not a fan of red wine!!


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