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Delicious Nutella Roll

Late-night cravings – I know. When there’s Nutella in the pantry, there’s no way I can leave it alone. We were laughing about that with some old & new friends the other night at dinner, eating Lucky Gnocchi at Piola Houston. Ladies confessed their night-time craving for chocolate and guys laughed about how many different ways we have not to be caught stealing sweets. Me? I just … Continue reading Delicious Nutella Roll

Insalata & Ciappi

This savory, healthy simple salad was one of my dad’s favorites! What’s for lunch? Cilappa! LOL (Cilappa is a word that means “nothing” in some strange dialect from the North. Or maybe it was just a word he made up?!). Well, sometimes, Cilappa turned into a tasty Penne al Pomodoro, or Penne Tricolore, or Insalata e Ciappi. This recipe features a handful of arugula from … Continue reading Insalata & Ciappi

Flatness reinterpreted

This is one other recipe I got from, one of the trendiest food blog in Italy. I loved this recipe since the very beginning because it actually reinterprets the flatness of the sole. Sole is very “flat” in flavor, but lemon and herbs give that kick. This recipe is a wonderful alternative to the tasty Sogliola alla Mugnaia (basically a floured sole fried in … Continue reading Flatness reinterpreted

Largo alla Bruschetta!

Sooooo – first of all, Bruschetta is a perfect appetizer and an awesome complement to any BBQs. Dice fresh ripe tomatoes, add hand-torn basil, mint leaves, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.  It’s gonna blow your mind. Bruschetta is also good with grilled eggplant, grilled mushrooms, leftover ragù… virtually with anything! Second of all, Bruschetta is pronounced ‘bruh-skeh-tt-ah’! I know, shocking, LOL. And bruschetta turns out … Continue reading Largo alla Bruschetta!

Lemon & Basil Mahi Mahi

 Yes, Mahi-Mahi is really one of my fave seafood. Grilled, baked, steamed or simmered in white wine, it’s always awesome. I’ve recently come up with Mahi-Mahi Sicilian Style Linguine, which turned out a success. I craved some seared fish, and diggin’ the Internet I got inspired from Paula Deen’s zesty basil butter. See her recipe and mine, and then find your way to it! INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons unsalted butter … Continue reading Lemon & Basil Mahi Mahi