Mulino Bianco Cookies @ HEB PLUS

HEB seems to be introducing Mulino Bianco cookies! I know – shocking. I used to order them online and I only saw them once in San Diego Little Italy. They come in miniature packages (150gr/5oz) at this time.

Mulino Bianco HEB

Mulino Bianco (literally “White Mill”) by Barilla made history and grew to be the number one brand of specialty cookies, biscuits, cookies pastry, mini cakes and cakes. I grew up with mini cakes like Tegolino & Crostatina, and I would eat Abbracci or Pan Di Stelle or Campagnole for breakfast. 

Since 1975, Mulino Bianco means genuine and simple ingredients, freshness, quality, family, love and sharing. Yesterday night I was craving a cup of warm milk with Mulino Bianco and finding them today on a shelf by chance was truly a gift. These are the cookies Italians love, these are the degree of sweetness we crave.

You should give them a try and let me know what you think. See 

PS. I’m back! We have a new house, I wrote a book and I’ll be celebrating my Nonna Nella’s 100th birthday this weekend in Italy! Got a lot to do and a lot to tell! Stay tuned. Baci :D

Here a couple of videos 1990-2013


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