Why Tossing Confetti in Italy Could Hurt


LOL – confetti belongs (with pepperoni, biscotti and many more) to the darn false friends category. Italians toss coriandoli and eat confetti. In Italian, confetti are sugar coated almonds traditionally offered as favors at weddings, religious celebrations as baptism, communion and confirmation, and even at graduations.  They used to have traditional colors (like white for weddings, pink or light blue for baptisms, red for graduations), be wrapped in a tulle bag and be offered along with a small silver object (bomboniere).  

Nowadays we still offer confetti, but they come in many colors and it’s not a matter of almonds  anymore (I guess it’s the red only that stays as it’s so particular). You can get chocolate confetti, chocolate and almonds, coffee-espresso confetti, limoncello, champagne, cappuccino, fruit, and virtually any kind of flavor. For top quality almonds, Avola and Sulmona are still the best places to go with. We picked green and white as a color of our wedding confetti, even if the whole theme of that day was colors combined with the periodic table of elements . See some shots (© Raoul Iacometti); Confetti & Table Setting by awesome, fantastic L’Arte Del Regalo

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